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A Roma Rossano Boscolo inaugura un Museo biblioteca sulla Storia della Cucina, La Madia Travelfood, luglio/agosto.
Rome's Newest Museum: Kitchenware and Cookbooks, Inside the Vatican, July/August.
Rome's New Museum: History Seen Through Kitchenware and Cookbooks, La Voce di New York, June.
Rossano Boscolo: Chef, Hotelier, Teacher, and Collector, Epicurean-Traveler.com, June.
Happy 100th Birthday, "Baci" by Mother Martha, Inside the Vatican, May/June.
The Lenten Cookbook by Mother Martha, Inside the Vatican, March/April.
Happy100th Birthday,"BACI"! Born in Perugia, From Forbidden Love, La Voce di New York, February.
The Lenten Cookbook: A Guide for Ash Wednesday to Easter Sunday, La Voce di New York, January
The Lenten Cookbook, Epicurean-Traveler.com, January.
Celebrating Dante's Vision at Rome's Scuderie, Inside the Vatican, January/February.
Love Makes the World Go Round by Mother Martha, inside the Vatican, January/February.

Penguin's New Translation of Pinocchio Aims to Recapture Collodi's Original, La Voce di New York, October.
Cooking with the Saints by Mother Martha, Inside the Vatican, September/October.
Cooking with the Saints, Epicurean-Traveler.com, August.
Laura Bosetti Tonatto: Italy's World Famous Nose, Inside the Vatican, July/August.
Basil ("Basilico") in History, Religion , Poetry and Painting, By Mother Martha, Inside the Vatican, July/August.
Basil: In Cuisine, History, Religion, Myth, Poetry, and Art, Epicurean-Traveler.com, June.
Three New Books in English About Italian Cuisine by Mother Martha, Inside the Vatican, May/June.
Waiting to Travel to Italy. These New Cookbooks Will Whet Our Appetite, La Voce di New York, March.
Three New Books in English about Italian Cuisine, Epicurean-Traveler.com, February.
Behold the Sistine Chapel as Never Before, Inside the Vatican, January-February.

The Vatican Christmas Cookbook, Epicurean-Traveler.com, December.
Merry Christmas from the Vatican: A Cookbook to Bring Joy in a Sad Year", La Voce di New York, December.
The Vatican Chrismas Cookbook by Mother Martha, Inside the Vatican, December.
The Story of Italy's Only Christmas Carol, Inside the Vatican, December.
Callaway's "The Sistine Chapel": The Most Ambitious Photographic Project Ever Seen, La Voce di New York, December.
The Vatican Christmas Cookbook, Epicurean-Traveler.com, November.
Oscar Farinetti, Eataly and Serend!pity, by Mother Martha, Inside the Vatican, November.
Oscar Farinetti: Eataly, FICO, and "Serendipity", Epicurean-Traveler.com, October.
Venice and its Revered Book Connection since 1362, La Voce di New York, February.
Historical Eateries in and around Piazza San Marco in Venice, Epicurean-Traveler.com, February.

The Codex Purpereus: Calabria's Literary Treasure, Inside the Vatican, August/September.
"The Codex Purpureus: Calabria's Unique Treasure, La Voce di New York, September.

At Pope Francis' Table by Mother Martha, Inside the Vatican, October.
Vatican Cookbook by Mother Martha, Inside the Vatican July/August.
Buon Appetito! Pope Francis! Discovering the Vatican Through Tradition and Food, La Voce di New York, June
Vatican Recipes, Epicurean-Traveler.com, June.
"All Roads Lead to Road" by Mother Martha, Inside the Vatican, April.
Now and Forever: The Art of Medieval Time, Inside the Vatican, April.
Babington's Tearooms Celebrates 125th Birthday by Mother Martha, Inside the Vatican, February.
"A Proper Cup of Tea" in Rome: Babington's Tearooms Celebrates 125th Birthday, La Voce di New York, January.

"Magnificent Gems": Medieval Treasure Bindings, Inside the Vatican, November.

"Rome's Non-Catholic Cemetery is 300 Years Old", Inside the Vatican, November.
The Book in Europe in the Middle Ages and The Renaissance", Inside the Vatican, June/July.
"Rome's Caffè Greco: Italy's Oldest Coffeehouse", by Mother Martha, Inside the Vatican, June/July.
"'L'Orto di Maramao': A 'Rural' Oasis in Central Rome", by Mother Martha, inside the Vatican, May.
"Gianfranco Cardinal Ravasi: President of the Pontifical Council for Culture", Inside the Vatican April.
"Arnold Pannartz and Konrad Sweynheim: Bringing Gutenberg to Italy", German Life, April/May.
"Monsignor Iacobone: Editor and Author", Inside the Vatican, December.
"The First Four Books Printed in Italy", Inside the Vatican, October.
"St. Francis Visits New York", Inside the Vatican, January.

"The Pierpont MorganLibrary's Crusader's Bible", Inside the Vatican, December.
"How God's Word Spread Geographically", Inside the Vatican, June/July.
"Gianluca Biscalchin: Il primo illustratore giornalista enogastronomico d'Italia nonché aspirante chef", La Madia Travelfood, maggio.
"The Vatican Apostolic Library Going Ever More Public", Inside the Vatican, May.
"Once in a Lifetime: A Unique Experience", Inside the Vatican, April.
"Natalia Tsarkova: Interview with a Papal Portraitist", Inside the Vatican, February.

"Illuminating Faith: The Eucharist in Medieval Life and Art", Inside the Vatican, August/September.
"Marino Marini: Il renaissance man della cucina italiana", La Madia Travelfood, marzo.
"Marino Marini: the Renaissance Man of Italian Cuisine", Epicurean-Traveler.com, January.

"The Egyptology Archives of the University of Milan", KMT, summer.
"One Potato, Two Potato, Three Potato, Four, No, --Over 4,000", Epicurean-Traveler.com, April.
"'Lux in Arcana', The Vatican Secret Archive Unveiled", Inside the Vatican, April.
"The Venetian Island of St. Lazarus: Where Armenian Culture Survived the Diaspora", Inside the Vatican, February.

"Nate and Mary Kate Tate: Authors of Feeding the Dragon", Epicurean-Traveler.com, December.

"Il caso letterario di Elena Kostioukovitch e del suo libro sul un'Italia che ama parlare del cibo", La Madia Travelfood, maggio.
"Elena Kostioukovitch: Professor, Literary Agent, Translator, and Author", Epicurean-Traveler.com, March.
"On at New York's Morgan Library and Museum", Inside the Vatican, March.

"St. Lazarus Island: The Venetian Custodian of Armenian Culture", Yerevan, Fall.
"Melk Abbey--A Microcosm of Austrian History", German Life, June/July.
"St. George: Defender of the Faith--and Promoter of Books", Inside the Vatican, April.

"Vercelli: Of Rice, Old Books, and Varallo's Sacred Mountain", Inside the Vatican, August/September.
"Interview with Author Mary Taylor Simeti: An Expert in Sicilian Medieval and Culinary History", August 25.
"Ornatissimo Codice: Montefeltro's Library Goes Home Again", Inside the Vatican, June/July.

"Venice: Europe's First Publishing Capital", Inside the Vatican, December.
"Federico da montefeltro and His Library", Inside the Vatican, August/ September.
"Seeing St. Francis: The Moorman Collection", Inside the Vatican, February.

"Prague's Strahov Monastery and Library: Eastern Europe's Oldest Cultural Center"", Inside the Vatican, November.
"Eyeglasses--Made to Magnify God's Word", Inside the Vatican, April.
"St. Deiniol's Library: The place to book iinto", Inside the Vatican, February.

"The Homes of a Great Dane", Around the World Radio.com, October 5.
"Aufwiedersehen Writer's Block", Around the World Radio.com, August 11.
"And the Word Became...Print", Inside the Vatican, August/September.
"Preserving the Past: Interview with Father Raffaele Farina", Inside the Vatican, July.
"Heidelberg: Where Mark Twain Overcame Writer's Block", German Life, June/July.
"Germany's Fairy Tale Road", Around the World Radio.com, April 25.

"Montereggio: Where Booksellers Couldn't Read", Bookdealer, December 23.
"Eyeglass Museums", Around the World Radio.com, December 8.
"The Most Hospitable Library", Around the World Radio.com, December 8.
"Books and Roses in Barcelona", Around the World Radio.com, November 17.
"An Exiled Claimant to the English Throne", Inside the Vatican, October.
"Heidelberg: Where Mark Twain Overcame Writer's Block", Bookdealer, September 16.
"Heidelberg: 'In the Footsteps of Mark Twain' and Much More", Epicurean Traveler, September.
"Mark Twain's Writers Block: Postcard from Heidelberg, Germany", Poets & Writers, August 30.
"Andrea Zanfi's Wine Journeys", Epicurean Traveler, July.
"Many Happy Returns, Petrarch", Inside the Vatican, June-July.
"Descendants of New York's Book Row", Bookdealer, June 24.
"Poet Petrarch to Receive a Facelift for his 700th Birthday", Renaissance, Issue 37, Summer.
"Petrarch's Face Lift: A Postcard from Padua", Poets & Writers, May 12.
"Bloomsday: Another Reasn to ReJoyce", Poets & Writers, May/June.
"ReJoyce! Celebrating Bloomsday 100," Bookdealer, April 8.
"A Rose for Love and a Book Forever: Postcard from Barcelona", Poets & Writers, April 6.
"Many Happy Returns Petrarch!", Bookdealer, February 12.
"Don Alfonso 1890: Una storia che sa di favola", Epicurean Traveler, February.
"Literary Leipzig--City of the 'Black Art'", German Life, February/March.
"San Lazarro: A Bastion of Armenian Culture in Exile", Epicurean Traveler, January.
"Sant Jordi: Books and Roses in Barcelona", Epicurean Traveler, January.
"Keeping The Past Aflame: A Profile of Shirley Hazzard", Poets & Writers, January/February.

"Beck on Pasta", Epicurean Traveler, December.
"Make Love, Not War: An Interview with Shirley Hazzard", Bookdealer, November 27.
"Shakespeare in Art Featured in London Gallery", Renaissance, vol. 33, October.
"Rome's First Bloomsday at Caffé Greco", Bookdealer, September 18.
"Dublin's Chester Beatty Library", Renaissance, vol. 32, August.
"Venice: Europe's first Publishing Capital", Bookdealer, July 24.
"Eyeglasses Yesterday and Today", Horus, July/September.
"Library Hotels", Epicurean Traveler, July/August.
"Three Places to Book Into", Bookdealer, June 26.
"Sant Jordi Day: Books and Roses in Barcelona", Bookkdealer, April 17.
"Shakespeare in Art", Bookdealer, March 15.
"Shakespeare in Art", Travel World International, March/April.
"Dublin's Multicultural Library: Chester Beatty's Gift to Ireland", Bookdealer, March 20.
"Vercelli: Of Rice and Old Books", Bookdealer, March 6.
"Along the Märchenstrasse: Germany's Fairy-Tale Road", Epicurean Traveler, February.
"On Byron and Biography: An Interview with Fiona MacCarthy", Bookdealer, February 20.
"The Cult of Byron", Bookdealer, February 6.
"Dublin's Multi-Cultural Treasure-Trove", Travel World International, January/February.
"Rome's Protestant Cemetery: Keats and Shelley's final home", Bookdealer, January 23.
"Rome's Keats/Shelley Memorial Turns 100", Bookdealer, January 2.

"Germany's Fairy-Tale Road", The World & I, September.
"Gladstone's Getaway", Europe, May.
"Books and Roses in Barcelona", Europe, April.

"Along the Märchenstrasse: Germany's Fairy-Tale Road", Antiquarian Book Monthly, December.
"Literary Leipzig: The City of the Black Art", Antiquarian Book Monthly, November.
"Louise McDermott's Italica Books", Antiquarian Book Monthly, October.
"Casa Guidi--The Home of Elizabeth and Robert Browning", Literary Traveler, October.
"Travels to Italy: A Passion Five Centuries Long", Antiquarian Book Monthly, July.
"Claudio de Polo Saibanti", Antiquarian Book Monthly, July.
"at 150 ever-modern Fratelli Alinari goes online", Antiquarian Book Monthly, June.
"D'Annunzio: man, hero, poet", Antiquarian Book Monthly, May.
"A Harvest of Information", Antiquarian Book Monthly, March.
"William Blake: The Exhibition", Antiquarian Book Monthly, January.

"Imagining the Ideal: Utopia and the Rest of All Possible Worlds", Antiquarian Book Monthly, December.
"Island Life", Qantas: The Australian Way, October.
"Codex B: The Gospels of the Peoples", Antiquarian Book Monthly, October.
"The Marciana National Library: 'Brainchild of Petrarch'", Antiquarian Book Monthly, July.
"The New York Academy of Medicine, founded to improve Public Health", Antiquarian Book Monthly, July.
"Gutenberg: man of the Millennium", Antiquarian Book Monthly, June.
"A Rose for Love, a Book Forever," Antiquarian Book Monthly, April.
"Rome's Caffè Greco: Italy's oldest Coffeehouse", Book, March/April.
"Gutenberg: Man of the Millennium", Golden Falcon, February.
"Back to Bach and books", Qantas: The Australian Way, February.
"The Berg Collection to turn sixty", Antiquarian Book Monthly, February.

"Rome's Caffè Greco at Risk", Antiquarian Book Monthly, August/September.
"Rome and Armenia: Art for a 1,700 Year Anniversary", Inside the Vatican, June-July.
"Rome and Armenia: Testimony of a Tempestuous Love", Antiquarian Book Monthly, June.
"The Treasury of Saint Francis of Assisi on World Tour", Antiquarian Book Monthly, May.
"Danish Tales", Silver Kris, March.
"Love Story", Period Living & Traditional Homes, February.

"The Houses Where Keats Lived",Antiquarian Book Monthly, October.
"Through Casa Guidi Windows", Antiquarian Book Monthly, July.
"On Foot in Literary Lisbon", Antiquarian Book Monthly, June.
"Through Casa Guidi Windows", Biblio, April.
"Copenhagen: out of Denmark", Passport, March.
"At the Home of a Great Dane", Antiquarian Book Monthly, February.
"Italy's Library of Parliament in Galileo's Courtroom", Antiquarian Book Monthly, January.

"Eyeglasses Yesterday and Today", Antiquarian Book Monthly, December.
"Enduring Stronghold: Prague's Strahov Monastery and Library", Biblio, December.
"Prague's Strahov Monastery and Library: Eastern Europe's Oldest Cultural Center", Antiquarian Book Monthly, November.
"Goya washed dishes here", The Australian Way, November.
"Helsinki University Library: Reborn from its Own Ashes", Antiquarian Book Monthly, August/September.
"Phoenix Rising!: The Rebirth of Finland's National Library", Biblio, July.
"Humanism and the Fathers of the Church", Antiquarian Book Monthly, June.
"Gutenberg and Rome", Antiquarian Book Monthly, May.
"Morgan Library Masterpieces on Tour", Golden Falcon, February.

"A Look at the Classics", Antiquarian Book Monthly, December.
"St. Deiniol's Library: A Place to Book Into", Antiquarian Book Monthly, December.
"Gutenberg Mechanises the Word and a Revolution in Learning Unfolds", Golden Falcon, October.
"The Temple of Peace", The Australian Way, May.
"St. Deiniol's Library: A Uniquely British Experience", Golden Falcon, May.
"Casa Guidi: The Browning Home in Florence Welcomes Guests", Golden Falcon, March.
"Britain's Library Hotel", Transitions Abroad, January/February.

"Lots of really good books", Our Sunday Visitor, September 10.
"American Libraries in Rome, Wilson Library Bulletin, February.

"Good News, filled with fire and light", Our Sunday Visitor, June 26.
"Blooming in the Bronx: The New York Botanical Garden Library", Wilson Library Bulletin, June.
"Life in the Berg Collection: A New York Story", Wilson Library Bulletin, April.

"The Keats/Shelley Memorial: Housing the Romantics", Wilson Library Bulletin, October.
"Rome Reborn", Messenger of St. Anthony, September.
"Library of Congress opens exhibit of treasures from Vatican Library", The Catholic Review, January 6, 1993.
"'Rome Reborn': An Exhibit of treasures from the Vatican Library", Catholic Twin Circle, January 3.

"'Rome Reborn': The Politics of Culture", Wilson Library Bulletin, December.
"The Museum of Television and Radio", Wilson Library Bulletin, November.
"Tribute to composer divas", The European, November 26-29.
"Talking with Poet Laureate Consultant: Mona Van Duyn", Wilson Library Bulletin, October.
"The Impact of Exploration", Wilson Library Bulletin, September.
"Romantic roamings around Rome", The European, August 6-9.
"Time and Victorian Prudery Fail to Declaw a Rascally Master Cat", The New York Observer, July 27-August 3.
"An Interview with Leo Lionni", Wilson Library Bulletin, June.
"Bookmobiles: A Finnish Success Story", Wilson Library Bulletin, May.
"Throwing light on Lorenzo's passion", The European, May 15-21.
"Party politician with a talent for poetry", The European, April 16-23.
"Keeping Latin Alive and Up-to-Date in Vatican City, Wilson Library Bulletin, March.
"Eyeglasses Yesterday and Today", Wilson Library Bulletin, March.
"The pope and the page 3 puella", The European, February 7-13.
"Rerum Novarum and the Working Class", Messenger of Anthony, February.
"Taking small note of women's worth", The European, January 24-30.
"Vatican tribute to the poor man's pope", The European, January 17-23.
"Francis Steegmuller: A Life of Letters", Wilson Library Bulletin, January.

"Italy's Great Libraries: An Incomparable Heritage Threatened by Apathy", Wilson Library Bulletin, December.
"Enrico Marinelli: La carta diventa preziosa", Il Mondo, 25 novembre/2 dicembre.
"Karen Blixen's Home Now a Museum", Wilson Library Bulletin, November.
"Vatican Library Celebrates St. Ignatius", Wilson Library Bulletin, April.
"Caroline Feller Bauer: The Pied Piper of Children's Books", Wilson Library Bulletin, April.

"Foreign Cultural Institutes in Rome", Wilson Library Bulletin, December.
"Shirley Hazzard: Back to Basics", Wilson Library Bulletin, November.
"Operation Transparency", Wilson Library Bulletin, October.
"Gallimards Kiss and Make up", Wilson Library Bulletin, September.
"Publishing in Europe: Recent Reports", Wilson Library Bulletin, June.
"William Weaver: The Making of a Literary Translator", Wilson Library Bulletin, May.
"The Public Libraries of Finland", Wilson Library Bulletin, April.
"Italy's Library of Parliament in Galileo's Courtroom", Wilson Library Bulletin, March.
"Tracking Down the Public Libraries of Rome", Wilson Library Bulletin, February.
"Helsinki University Library: Reborn from Its Own Ashes", Wilson Library Bulletin, January.

"Exhibit Features Writers on Love and Death", Wilson Library Bulletin, November.
"Recommended Reading for Overseas Americans", International Living, May.
"People Don't Come Here to Read Best-sellers: The Vatican Library", Wilson Library Bulletin, February.

"Hotalings--International Reading at Home", International Living, December.
"Up at the Villa", Wilson Library Bulletin, January 1988.

"The Vatican Library", Messenger of St. Anthony, October.
"Bookreview of Filatelia e Francescanesimo" by Padre Silvestro Chiarello, Gibbons Stamp Monthly, August.
"Translation of Gianni Rodari's The Day It Rained Hats in Milan", Cricket, August.
"Book Reviews", American Book Collector, June.
"Book Reviews", American Book Collector, May.
"Libro '86: A Bibliophile's Minestrone", American Book Collector, February.
"Spain Honors Borges", American Book Collector, January.

"Small But Beautiful: The 1986 Book Fair", American Book Collector, December.
"International Rare Book Fair in Venice", Wilson Library Bulletin, December.
"The Slavonic Connection", American Book Collector, May.