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Articles on Art and Exhibitions

Vatican Museums Open Ancient Roman Necropolis to Tourists, Inside the Vatican, May/June.
First Exhibition about Pompeii's Lower Classes and Slaves, by Mother Martha, Inside the Vatican, May/June.
A Full Immersion in Escher's Enigmatic Universe on View at Palazzo Bonaparte, La Voce di NewYork, March.
St. Peter's Baldacchino Under Restoration for 2025 Holy Year, Inside the Vatican, March/April.
"Dacia. The Last Frontier of the Roman World", Exhibit in Rome, La Voce di New York, February.
St. Peter's Baldacchino Under Restoration for 2025 Holy Year, La Voce di New York, February.
Antonio Canova in the Vatican and Rome, Inside the Vatican, January/February.

Vatican museums opens Ancient Roman Necropolis to Tourists, La Voce di New York, December.
Rome's Obelisks: From War Trophies to Pilgrim Marker, Inside the Vatican, November/December.
Rome's Obelisks, From War Trophies to Pilgrim Markers, La Voce di New York, September.
Tuscany, Umbria, and he Marches Commemorate Luca Signorelli, Inside the Vatican, September/October.
Eat With a Smile by Mother Martha, Inside the Vatican, September/October.
Celebrating the Papacy of Urban VIII (1623-44), Inside the Vatican, July/August.
St. Francis of Assisi at London's National Gallery, Inside the Vatican, July/August.
Cortona, Tuscany, Dedicates a Major Exhibition to Native Son, Luca Signorelli, La Voce di New York, June.
Photo & Food and More in Verona, Epicurean-Traveler.com, June.
Photo & Food: An Exhibition of 125 at E.Art.H, Verona, La Voce di New York.com, June.
St. Francis of Assisi Exhibit at London's National Gallery, La Voce di New York, May.
The Vatican Museums Extend Their Summer Hours, Epicurean-Traveler.com, April.
A Feast for the Eyes and Imagination Not for the Tastebuds, La Voce di New York, April.
Veronica Atkins Donates $5M to the Uffizi for Boboli Gardens Restoration, La Voce di New York, April.
Celebrating the Papacy of Urban VIII at Rome's Palazzo Barberini, March.
Eleanora di Toledo and the Medici's Florentine Court on Exhibit at the Pitti Palace, La Voce di New York, February.
The Case of the Etruscan Chariot, Purchased or Stolen?, La Voce di New York, January.
"Arte Liberata 1937-1947: Masterpieces from War" at Scuderie, Rome, La Voce di New York, January.
Giant of Egyptology: Jean Capart (1877-1947), KMT, Winter.
Painting on Stone After the Sack of Rome, Inside the Vatican, January/February.

St. Peter's Square 2022 Nativity Scene Focuses on Sustainability and Solidarity, La Voce di New York, December.
"Giuseppe De Nittis: An Italian Impressionist in Paris": An Exhibition in Washington D.C., La Voce di New York, October.
Commemorating Lucio Dalla, La Voce di New York, September.
"Second Sistine Chapel" Restored in Europe's Oldest Hospital", Inside the Vatican, September/October.
The "Second Sistine Chapel" Restored in Europe's Oldest hospital, La Voce di New York, August.
Guido Reni and Rome: Nature and Devotion, Inside the Vatican, May/June.
New Exhibit Celebrates "Guido Reni and Rome: Nature and Devotion", La Voce di New York, March.
Plautilla Briicci, Italy's First Woman Architect, inside the Vatican, March/April.
Plautilla Bricci. Italian Artist and First Woman Architect. Exhibition in Rome, La Voce di New York, February.
Laura Bosetti Tonatto, the Woman Who Creates Perfumes for Queen Elizabeth, La Voce di New York, January.
Celebrating Dante's Vision at Rome's Scuderie, Inside the Vatican, January/February.
Love Makes the World Go Round by Mother Martha, Inside the Vatican, January/February.

Celebrating the Seventh Centenary of Dante's Death at Rome's Scuderie, La Voce di New York, November.
Why and When to Visit Minori, Epicurean-Traveler.com, September.
Celebrating Christmas in August in Minori, a Gem of a Town on the Amalfi Coast, La Voce di New York, September.
Edda Bresciani: "Lady of the Fayum" (1930-2020), KMT, Fall.
Piranesi and the Knights of Malta, Inside the Vatican, September/October.
Laura Bosetti Tonatto, Italy's World Famous "Nose", Inside the Vatican, July/August.
Basil ("Basilico") in History, Religion, Poetry, and Painting by Mother Martha, Inside the Vatican, July/August.
Rome's Aventine Hill Showcases Piranesi and the Knights of Malta, La Voce di New York, July.
Why Rome's Aventine Hill is Special, Epicurean-Traveler.com July.
Basil: In Cuisine, History, Religion, Myths, Poetry, and Art, Epicurean-Traveler.com, June.
Napoleon, Ancient Rome, and the Papacy, Inside the Vatican, May/June.
In Defiance of Looters,Pompeii Continues to be an Archeologist's Treasure Trove, La Voce di New York, April.
On Exhibit: Napoleon's Love of Ancient Rome and his Struggles with the Papacy, La Voce di New York, March.
In the Eyes of the Beholders, Inside the Vatican, March/April.
Museums in Rome Finally Reopen: "In the Eyes of the Beholders" at Palazzo Barberini, La Voce di New York, February.
After Celebrating Food in Famous Paintings, the Uffizi Galleries Turned to Married Love, La Voce di New York, February.
The Uffizi has Added Love to Its Food Celebrations, Epicurean-Traveler.com, February.
Behold the Ssitine Chapel as Never Before, Inside the Vatican, January-February.
Dining and Drinking with the Artists at the Uffizi Galleries, but Only Virtually, La Voce di New York, February.
"Uffizi da Mangiare", Epicurean-Traveler.com, January.

2020's Nativity in St. Peter's Square: Refreshing Change or Sci-Fi Horror Show, La Voce di New York, December.
Isis and Egyptianizing Rome, KMT, Fall.
Callaway's "The Sistine Chapel": Thee Most Ambitious Photographic Project Ever Seen, La Voce di New York, December.
Celebrating St. Francis, Inside the Vatican, November.
Celebrating St. Francis Today, When his Love for Humanity is Most Needed, La Voce di New York, October.
Caravaggio and his Admirer, Roberto Longhi, Inside the Vatican, October.
Roberto Longhi Foundation Exhibits Is Caravaggios at the Capitoline Museums, La Voce di New York, September.
Gli Uffizi Before, During, and After Co-Vid, Inside the Vatican, June/July.
Church Vs. State, Who Should Own Italy's Religious Art, Inside the Vatican, August/September.
Egypt in Pisa, KMT, Spring.
State vs. Church: The Uffizi Director Provokes Controversy Over Who Owns Sacred Art?, La Voce di New York, June.
The Uffizi's Latest Purchase: A Rare Panoramic Print of Renaissance Florence, La Voce di New York, May.
Pope Francis Prays the Pandemic will End, Inside the Vatican, May.
Raphael Superstar, Inside the Vatican, April.
Gli Uffizi Galleries in Florence: How We're Coping with the Covid 19 Pandemic, La Voce di New York, April.
May Pope Francis' Two Miracle-Workers Kill Conoavirus", La Voce di New York, April.
Raphael, Renaissance Superstar, Celebrated in Mega-Show "Raffaello 1520-1483", La Voce di New York, March.
Rome Celebrates Raphael Superstar, Epicurean-Traveler.com, March.
"He was sentenced to Death" so Caravaggio Escaped...to Naples, Inside the Vatican, February.
Raphael and His Friends from Urbino, Inside the Vatican, January.
After Caravaggio: 17th-Century Neapolitan Art on Show in Prato Till April 13, La Voce di New York, January.

Mummies: A Journey Into Immortality, KMT, Winter.
"Munbam", Bari's Newest Museum, Takes Us from St. Nick to Santa Claus, La Voce di New York, December.
Antonio Canova, Supreme Sculptor of his Time, Inside the Vatican, November.
Commemorating Raphael's Death, La Voce di New York, October.
Commemorating Scultptor Antonio Canova, His Legacy and Its Place in History, La Voce di New York, October.
Russian Icons Now displayed in Florence's Pitti Palace, Inside the Vatican, October.
Invisible Archeology: Beyond the Naked Eye, KMT, Fall.
Historic Russian Icons on Display at the Pitti Palace for the First Time in 2020, La Voce di New York, September.
"Bulgari, the Story, the Dream", La Voce di New York, September.
Verroccchio: Leonardo's Master, Inside the Vatican, June/July.
More Leonardo Celebrations, Inside the Vatican, May.
How to Celebrate the Genius of Leonardo, 500 Years After his Death, La Voce di New York, May.
Verrocchio: The Sculptor, the Painter, and the Master of Leonardo, La Voce di New York, March.
Rediscovered Leonardo, Inside the Vatican, March.
Celebrations for 500th Anniversary of Leonardo's Death, Inside the Vatican, February.
Armenia! at the Metropolitan Museum, Inside the Vatican, January.
Celebrations for the 500th Anniversary of Leonard's Death, La Voce di New York, January.

Happy Birthday, Jacopo Comin, December.
Pontormo: Miraculous Encounters: A Three-Venue Exhibit, Inside the Vatican, November.
Armenia at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and in Venice, La Voce di New York, November.
Jacopo Comin: Probably the Last Great Pianter of the Italian Renaissance, La Voce di New York, October.
Leonardo Still Making Headlines, Inside the Vatican, October.
Heavenly Bodies, Inside the Vatican, August/September.
Leonardo da Vinci Still Making Headlines, La Voce di New York, August.
Bari: A Place of Pilgrimage for East and West Since 1087, Inside the Vatican, June/July.
Discovering the Majestic Romanesque St. Nicholas Basilica in Bari, La Voce di New York, June.
Egizi/Etruschi, KMT, Summer.
Spectacular Sistine Chapel Show, Inside the Vatican, May.
Now and Forever: The Art of Medieval Time, Inside the Vatican, April.
Michelangelo's "Last Judgment" Goes Multimedia, La Voce di New York, April.
Don't Miss Rome's Latest Attraction, Epicurean-Traveler.com, April.
Celebrating Winckelmann: Father of Modern Archeology, Inside the Vatican, March.
Two Art Collectors and their Marvelous Collections, Inside the Vatican, February.
Celebrating Winckelmann and Europe's Oldest Museum, La Voce di New York, February.
"Voglia d'Italia: Collecting Italian Art (1870-1935, La Voce di New York, February.

Many Feast for the Eyes, Inside the Vatican, December.
The Remarkable Discovery of Amenhotep II: An Exhibition in Milan, Winter.
"Magnificent Gems": Medieval Treasure Bindings, Inside the Vatican, November.
Rome in Bernini's Footsteps, La Voce di New York, November.
Feast for the Eyes in Rome, La Voce di New York, November.
The "Madonna of Czestochowa" and the Nearby Area, Inside the Vatican, October.
Disproving Renaissance Blasphemous "Fake News", Inside the Vatican, August/September.
Devastation in Central Italy, Inside the Vatican, June/July.
"'The Egyptian Campaign': An Exhibition in Turin Celebrates the Archeological Adventures of Ernesto Schiaparelli 1903-1920", KMT, Summer.
St. Caesarius: A Medieval Link Between Rome and Arles, Inside the Vatican, May.
Experiencing Leonardo in Rome, Inside the Vatican, April.
Leonardo and Rome: The Special Relationship, La Voce di New York, April 9.
Egypt Returns to MANN, KMT, Spring.
The Resurrection of Palazzo Barberini and Galleria Corsini, Inside the Vatican, March.
Experiencing Leonardo and Nearby Treats in Rome, Epicurean-Traveler.com, March.
Artemisia Gentileschi and Her Times, La Voce di New York. February 12.
Artemisia Gentileschi and her Times, Inside the Vatican, February.
The Influence of Caravaggio, Inside the Vatican, January.

"Medieval Jerusalem-Holy City of Many Fatihs, Inside the Vatican, December.
"Mercy in Art", Inside the Vatican, July/august.
"Egypt in Wallonia", KMT, Fall.
"Gianfranco Cardinal Ravasi: President of the Pontifical council for Culture", Inside the Vatican, April.
"Zenzi Glatt: L'albergatrice che ha scritto la storia imprenditoriale di Merano", La Madia Travelfood, aprile.
"Fernando Botero and his Via Crucis", Inside the Vatican, March.
"Pope Francis on Art", Inside the Vatican, February.
"Egitto: Splendore Millenario", KMT, Spring.
"Europe's Newest Museum: A Unique Repository of Faith, History, and Art", Inside the Vatican, January.

"Egypt in Marseilles", KMT, Winter.
"The Met's Christmas Tree and Crèche", Inside the Vatican, December.
"Monsignor Iacobone: Author and Editor", Inside the Vatican, December.
"Divine Beauty: From Van Gogh to Chagall and Fontana", Inside the Vatican, November.
"Scientific Mummy Studies at the Vatican", KMT, Fall.
"Twenty Tapestries Tell the Biblical Story of Joseph", Inside the Vatican, June/July.
"Msgr. Iacobone: Holy See's Special Delegate to 'Expo'", Inside the Vatican, May.
"Lorenzo Lotto and Loreto's Artistic Treasures", Inside the Vatican, April.
"The Vatican Mummy Project and its Discoveries", Inside the Vatican, March.
"New Light on Egyptology in Milan: From Brera to the Pyramids", KMT, Spring.
"The Rediscovery of Photographer Theodor Kofler", KMT, Spring.
"St. Francis Visits New York", Inside the Vatican, January.

"The Pierpont Morgan Library's Crusader's Bible", Inside the Vatican, December.
"Rome's First Tribute to Hans Memling", Inside the Vatican, November.
"Sacred Splendor: Treasures of Palazzo Pitti's 'Chapel of the Relics'", inside the Vatican, October.
How the Counter-Reformation Popes Brought New Hope", Inside the Vatican, August/September.
"Gianluca Biscalchin: Il primo illustratore giornalista enogastronomico d'Italia nonché aspirante chef", La Madia Travelfood, maggio.
"Natalia Tsarkova: Interview with a Papal Portraitist", Inside the Vatican, February.
"Antoniazzo Romano: The Leading Rome-Born Renaissance Painter", Inside the Vatican, January.

"Cleopatra Returns to Rome", KMT, December.
"Hidlesheim's Medieval Church Treasures at the Metropolitan", Inside the Vatican, November.
"Tyndaris: 'The City of Mary'," Inside the Vatican, October.
"Celebrating the 500th Anniversary of Pope Leo x's Election", Inside the Vatican, August/September.
"Illuminating Faith: The Eucharist in Medieval Life and Art", Inside the Vatican, August/September.
"The Birth of Italian Renaissance Art", Inside the Vatican, June/July.
"Titian: A Long-Awaited Retrospective Not To Be Missed", May.
"St. Peter's Journey: The Meaning of Faith", Inside the Vatican, April.
"The Edict of Milan's 1700th Anniversary", Inside the Vatican, March.
"Egypt in Antwerp at the 'Museum on the River'", KMT, Spring.
"Prague's Church of Our Lady Victorious", Inside the Vatican, February.
"Borek Sipek: A Self-Made Renaissance Man", Epicurean-Traveler.com, February.
"Sacred Places in and Around Prague's Castle", Inside the Vatican, January.

"Bernini: The Popes' Artist in Baroque Rome", Inside the Vatican, November.
"Turin's Museo Egizio in Tansition", KMT, Winter 2012-13.
"Egypt in Brussels", KMT, Fall.
"Quilling: Devotional Creations from Cloistered Orders", Inside the Vatican, August/September.
"The Sistine Madonna: Raphael's Iconic Painting Turns 500", Inside the Vatican, June/July.
"The Egyptology Archives of the University of Milan", KMT, Summer.
"Jacopo Comin: The Last Great Painter of the Italian Renaissance", Inside the Vatican, May.
"'Lux in Arcana', The Vatican Secret Archive Unveiled", Inside the Vatican, April.
"How Leonardo Da Vinci Pictured the Last Supper", Inside the Vatican, March.
"The Best in Basel: A Paradise for Museum Buffs", German Life, February/March.
"Rome at the Time of Caravaggio", Inside the Vatican, January.
"Armenia: Imprints of a Civilization", Inside the Vatican, January.

"Ancient Egypt in Avignon France", KMT, Winter 2011/12.
"Filippino Lippi and Botticelli in Fifteenth-Century Florence", Inside the Vatican, December.
"Celebrating Renaissance Art and Artists", Inside the Vatican, November.
"The Fascination with Egypt, an Exhibition in Orvieto, Italy", KMT, Fall 2011.
"The Treasure of San Gennaro: 700 Years of Art and Devotion", Inside the Vatican, June/July.
"Egypt in Mantua, Italy", "KMT, Summer 2011.
the Holy See's Newest Museum", Inside the Vatican, April.
"Egypt on the Upper Rhine in Basel, Switzerland", KMT, Spring 2011.
"Francesco Buranelli: The Curia's Only Lay Secretary", Inside the Vatican, March.
"Father Mark Haydu: International Coordinator of the Patrons of the Vatican Museums", Inside the Vatican, February.

"Egypt on Lake Michigan at Chicago's Field Museum of Natural History", KMT, Winter 2010-11.
"Raphael's Sistine Chapel Tapestries Visit London", Inside the Vatican, August/September.
"Treasures of Heaven: Saints, Relics, and Devotion in Medieval Europe", Inside the Vatican, June/July.
"Egypt in Zagreb", KMT, Summer.
"Memory and Hope: To Restore L'Aquila's Religious Patrimony", Inside the Vatican, May.
"The Genius of Caravaggio: The Father of Modern Painting", Inside the Vatican, April.
"On at New York's Morgan Library and Museum", Inside the Vatican, March.
"Ancient Egypt in Bolton", KMT, Spring.

"Ancient Egypt in Manchester, U.K.", Winter 2009/10.
"Michelangelo: The 'Plastic Surgeon' of Rome's Ancient Architecture", Inside the Vatican, November.
"Ancient Egypt on the Tagus", KMT, Fall.
"Giotto: The Earliest "Renaissance" Artist", Inisde the Vatican, May.
"Byzantium 330-1453: Eleven Centuries of Christian Art", inside the Vatican, February.

"Rich Varano: World Grand master Sand Sculpting Champion", Inside the Vatican, December.
"Bellini: The Father of Venetian Painting", Inside the Vatican, December.
"Ancient Egyptian Art at Lisbon's Calouste Gulbenkian Museum", KMT, Winter 2008-09.
"Egypt on the Tiber", KMT, Fall.
"Rome in the Fifteenth Century", Inside the Vatican, June/July.
"Antonio Paolucci: Newly-Appointed Director of the Vatican Museums", Inside the Vatican, March 2008.
"Egypt on St. Mark's Square in Venice, Italy", KMT, Spring 2008.

"The Egyptian Collection of Bologna, Italy", KMT Winter 2007-08.
"Constantine in Trier", Inside the Vatican, October.
"Egypt in Milan", KMT, Autumn.
"Venice and the Islamic World", Inside the Vatican, June/July.
"Nefer: The Woman in Ancient Egypt", KMT, Summer.
In Search of Beauty: Duerer in Italy", May.
"Celebrating St. Nicholas: Universally Beloved", Inside the Vatican, April.
"'Habemus Papam': Pontifical elections from St. Peter to Benedict XVI, Interview with Ambrogio M. Piazzoni", Inside the Vatican, March.
"Ancient Egypt in the Midlands of the U.K.: The Collection in the Birmingham Museum", Spring 2007.

"Egypt on Merseyside", KMT, Winter 2006-2007.
"Petros Eni: An Artistic Celebration of St. Peter's Basilica, Inside the Vatican, December.
"Constantine the Great: York's Roman Emperor", Inside the Vatican, August/September.
"Traces of Egypt at Hadrian's Villa, Tiivoli", KMT, Fall.
"St. Peter's Basilica: For 500 Years a Unique Masterpiece of Art and Faith", Inside the Vatican, June/July.
"Vorwarts, Christliche Soldaten", Inside the Vatican (German edition), June.
"Antonello da Messina: Einer, der Spuren hinterliess", Inside the Vatican (german edition), June.
"Egypt on the Danube", KMT, Summer.
"Onward Christian Soldiers", Inside the Vatican, May.
"The World's Greatest Museums?", Inside the Vatican, March.
"Ancient Egyptian and Egyptianized Roman Art in Vatican City", KMT, Spring.
"Celebrating Sacred Art Throughout the USA", Inside the Vatican, January.

"Egypt on the Adriatic", KMT, Winter.
"Tuscan Art Comes Home", Inside the Vatican, December.
"Arnolfo Who?", Inside the Vatican, November.
"Windows Into Paradise", Inside the Vatican, October.
"The Gutenberg Revolution and Book Evolution", Inside the Vatican, August/September.
"He Raised 100 Children from the Dead: Saint Nicholas Tolentino", Inside the Vatican, July.
"Ancient Egypt in 'Little Paris'", KMT, Summer.

"The Last Duccio", Inside the Vatican, March.
"Fra Carnevale: A Rediscovered Maestro ", Inside the Vatican, December.
"Forty-three Popes in 500 Years of Art", Inside the Vatican, December.
"Egypt and Egyptology in Cremona", KMT, Winter.
"Ancient Egypt in Philadelphia", KMT, Fall.
"Monte Cassino Sixty Years Later", Inside the Vatican, August.
"Egypt on the Arno", KMT, Summer.
"Italy Celebrates Perugino", Renaissance, vol. 36, April.
"Turin's Museo Egizio: Ancient Egypt on the River Po", KMT, Spring.

"Shakespeare in Art in London Gallery", Renaissance, vol. 33, October.
"Venice: Europe's first Publishing Capital", Bookdealer, July 24.
"Shakespeare in Art", Bookdealer, March 15,
"Shakespeare in Art", Travel World International, March/April.
"The Cult of Byron", Bookdealer, February 6.
"The Pharaohs", Horus, January/March.
"'The Pharaohs' Reign at Venice's Palazzo Grassi", KMT, January- March.

"The Art of Combat", Art & Antiques, February.

"Gladiator, The Prequel", Qantas: The Australian Way, August.
"When Falls the Colosseum", Travel World International, July/August.
"Travels to Italy: A Passion Five Centuries Long", Antiquarian Book Monthly, July.
"D'Annunzio: man, hero, poet", Antiquarian Book Monthly, May.
"William Blake: The Exhibition", Antiquarian Book Monthly, January.

"Imagining the Ideal: Utopia and the Rest of all Possible Worlds", Antiquarian Book Monthly, December.
"Looking glass", Qantas: The Australian Way, November.
"Codex B: The Gospels of the Peoples", Antiquarian Book Monthly, October.
"The Marciana National Library: 'Brainchild of Petrarch'", Antiquarian Book Monthly, July.
"Back to Bach and books", Qantas: The Australian Way, February.

"The Treasure of St. Francis of Assisi", Inside the Vatican, August-September.
"Rome and Armenia: Art for a 1,700 Year Anniversary", Inside the Vatican, June-July.
"Rome and Armenia: Testimony of a Tempestuous Love", Antiquarian Book Monthly, June.
"The Treasury of Saint Francis of Assisi on World Tour", Antiquarian Book Monthly, May.
"Assisting Assisi", The Australian Way, February.
"The best of a lost age", The Australian Way, January.

"Humanism and the Fathers of the Church", Antiquarian Book Monthly, June.
"Gutenberg and Rome", Antiquarian Book Monthly, May.
"Morgan Library Masterpieces on Tour", Golden Falcon, February.

"A Look at the Classics", Antiquarian Book Monthly, December.

"New York City: The Art Museum Capital of the World", The Golden Falcon, July.
"Good News, filled with fire and light", Our Sunday Visitor, June 26.

"Rome Reborn", Messenger of St. Anthony, September.
"Library of Congress opens exhibit of treasures from Vatican Library", The Catholic Review, January 6.
"'Rome Reborn': An Exhibit of Treasures from the Vatican Library", Catholic Twin Circle, January 3.

"'Rome Reborn': The Politics of Culture", Wilson Library Bulletin, December.
"Romantic roamings around Rome", The European, August 6-9.
"Time and Victorian Prudery Fail to Declaw a Rascally Master Cat", TheNew York Observer, July 27-August 3.
"Throwing light on Lorenzo's passion", The European, May 15-21.
"Party politician with a talent for poetry", The European, April 16-23.
"A rebel comes up to scratch", The European, February 20-26.
"I'm just crazy about Leonardo da Vinci...", The European, February13-19.
"Rerum Novarum and the Working Class", Messenger of St. Anthony, February.
"Vatican tribute to the poor man's pope", The European, January 17-23.

"Karen Blixen's Home Now a Museum", Wilson Library Bulletin, November.
"The Celts: The First Europeans", Wilson Library Bulletin, October.
"The Celts: the first Europeans", Messenger of St. Anthony, September.
"The Knight of God", Messenger of St. Anthony, July/August.
"Chagall's marriage à la mode", The European, April 19-21.
"An eye on the world from four simple rooms", The European, April 12-14.
"Vatican Library Celebrates St. Ignatius", Wilson Library Bulletin, April.
"Venetian celebration of the first Europeans", The European, March15-17.

"Exhibit Features Writers on Love and Death", Wilson Library Bulletin, November.
"People Don't Come Here to Read Best-sellers: The Vatican Library", WilsonLibrary Bulletin, February.

"Stamping Through the Vatican", International Living, December.
"From Hermes (1861-96) to Fish and Flora (1988)", Stamps, June.
"The World's Newest Philatelic Museum", Gibbons Stamp Monthly, January.
"Stamps of the Vatican", Stanley Gibbons Stamp Collectors Diary 1988 .

"Olymphilex '87", Gibbons Stamp Monthly, December.
"So What's New in Vatican City?", Stamps, November 14.
"Olymphilex '87, Stamps, October 17.
"Libro '86: A Bibliophile's Minestrone", American Book Collector, February.
"Spain Honors Borges", American Book Collector, January.

"Small But Beautiful: The 1986 Book Fair", American Book Collector, December.
"International Rare Book Fair in Venice", Wilson Library Bulletin, December.
"The Slavonic Connection", American Book Collector, May.
"Themes at Italia '85", Topical Time, Johnstown Pa., January/February.
"Italia '85", Gibbons Stamp Monthly, January.