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Articles on Germany and Austria

German Shrines in Rome and Vatican City, Inside the Vatican, May/June.

Celebrating Advent: Its History and Traditions, Inside the Vatican, November/December.

Celebrating Winckelmann: Father of Modern Archeology, Inside the Vatican, March.

"Celebrating Winckelmann and Europe's Oldest Museum", La Voce di New York, February.
"Paul Stradner: Tra i bistellati più giovani della Germania", La Madia Travelffood, dicembre.
"A French Oasis in Baden-Baden with One Michelin Star, Epicurean-Traveler.com, October.
"Arnold Pannartz and Konrad Sweynheim: Bringing Gutenberg to Italy", German Life, April/May.
"Paul Stradner: One of the Youngest Chefs in Germany to Earn 2 Michelin Stars, Epicurean-Traveler, September.

"The First Four Books Printed in Italy", Inside the Vatican, October.

"Soeren Anders: The youngest German Chef Awarded a Michelin Star", Epicurean-Traveler, September.
"Hildesheim's Medieval Church Treasures at the Metropolitan", inside the Vatican, November.

"The Sistine Madonna: Raphael's Iconic Painting Turns 500 (1512-2012)", Inside the Vatican, June/July.
"The 'Benediktweg'-In the Footsteps of Pope Benedict XVI from Baptism to Ordination", German Life, April/May.
"Tantris: il tempio gastronomico di Monaco (Bavaria), La Madia Travelfood, gennaio/febbraio.

"The Benediktweg and Sltoetting, the "Bavarian National Shrine", Inside the Vatican, October.
"Stephan Geisel: Esperto di vino (non della birra) a Monaco di Baviera", La Madia Travelfood, aprile.

"Alfons Schuhbeck: Celebrity Chef, Restaurateur, Author, and Businessman", Epicurean-Traveler.com, November.
"A Home for a Perfect Pair-Munich's Beer-and-Oktoberfest Museum", German Life, October/November.
"Beer, Oktoberfest, and Its Museum", Epicurean-Traveler.com, September.
"The Geisel Family: Munich's Best Hosts", Epicurean-Traveler.com, September.
"Tantris: Munich's Temple to Gourmet Dining", Epicurean-Traveler.com, August.
"Stephan Ackermann: Bishop of Trier", Inside the Vatican, March.

"When in Trier...", German Life, October/November.
"Melk Abbey: A Micorcosm of Austrian History", German Life, June/July.

"Sachertorte and its Namesake Hotel", German Life, February/March.

"Constantine in Trier", Inside the Vatican, October.
"Christoph Cardinal Schoenborn", Inside the Vatican, June/July.
"Sachertorte and its Namesake Hotel", Epicurean-Traveler.com, March 29.
"Elisabeth Guertler: Vienna's Top Hotelier", Epicurean-Traveler.com, March 29.

"Ewald e Mario Plachutta: a Vienna gli imperatori del manzo", La Madia Travelfood, October.
"Egypt on the Danube", KMT, Summer.
"Buon Compleanno Dresda", La Madia Travelfood, March.
"German Chocolate - Cologne's Imhoff-Stollwerck Chocolate Museum ", German Life, February/March 2006.

"Dresden--Reborn and Still Soaring", German Life, December/January 2006.
"Windows into Paradise", Inside the Vatican, October.
"Aufwiedersehen Writer's Block", Around the World Radio, August 11.
"Pope Benedict XVI's Travels", Around the World Radio.com, August 11.
"And the Word Became...Print", Inside the Vatican, August/September.
"Ein bier, bitte", la Madia Travelfood, May 2005.
"Ancient Egypt in 'Little Paris'", KMT, Summer 2005.
"Why 'Benedict'?", Inside the Vatican, May 2005.
"Heidelberg: Where Mark Twain Overcame Writer's Block", German Life, June/July 2005.
"Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger: Becomes Pope Benedict XVI", German Life, June/July 2005.
"Germany's Fairy Tale Road", Around the World Radio.com, April 25, 2005.
"Host of Cologne's World Youth Day 2005", Inside the Vatican, April 2005.
"Elmar Theodor Maeder; Commander of the Guard", Inside the Vatican, March 2005.
"Pickled in Germany's 'Green Venice'", German Life, February/March 2005.
"Unique to Leipzig", Around the World Radio.com, January 7, 2005.

"Eyeglass Museums", Around the World Radio.com, December 8, 2004.
"Heidelberg: Where Mark Twain Overcame Writer's Block", Bookdealer, September 16, 2004.
"Heidelberg: 'In the Footsteps of Mark Twain' and Much More", Epicurean Traveler, September.
"Mark Twain's Writer's Block: Postcard from Heidelberg, Germany", Poets and Writers, August 30, 2004.
"Monte Cassino Sixty Years Later", Inside the Vatican, August 2004.
"Heinz Beck: Rome's Best Chef", German Life, February/March 2004.
"Literary Leipzig-City of the 'Black Art'", German Life, February/March 2004.

"Beck on Pasta", Epicurean Traveler, December 2003.
"The Swiss Guard", German Life, December 2003/January 2004.
"Joy of Chocolate", Travel World International, July/August 2003.
"Eyeglasses Yesterday and Today", Horus, July/September 2003,
"Intervista a Heinz Beck", La Madia Travelfood, June 2003.
"Heinz Beck: La Pergola Restaurant, The Magician of Balanced Flavors", Epicurean Traveler, May/June 2003.
"Along the Märchenstrasse: Germany's Fairy-Tale Road", Epicurean Traveler, February 2003.

"Leipzig is Back", Europe, November 2002.
"Leipzig: Place at the Limes", Epicurean Traveler, September 2002.
"Germany's Fairy-Tale Road", The World & I, September 2002.
"15 Fascinating Facts: Leipzig, Germany", Hemispheres, February 2002.
"Leipzig: A City Devoted to Letters, Song and the Coffee Bean", Travel World International, January/February 2002.

"Along the Märchenstrasse: Germany's Fairy-Tale Road", Antiquarian Book Monthly, December 2001.
"Literary Leipzig: City of the Black Art since 1481", Antiquarian Book Monthly, November 2001.
"Travels to Italy: A Passion Five Centuries Long", Antiquarian Book Monthly, July 2001.

"Gutenberg: man of the Millennium", Antiquarian Book Monthly, June 2000.
"Bravo for Bach!", Oryx, March/April 2000.
"Rome's Caffè Greco: Italy's Oldest Coffeehouse", Book, March/April 2000.
"Gutenberg: Man of the Millennium", Golden Falcon, February 2000.
"Back to Bach and books", Qantas: The Australian Way, February 2000.

"Rome's Caffè Greco at Risk?", Antiquarian Book Monthly, August/September 1999.

"Eyeglasses Yesterday and Today", Antiquarian Book Monthly, December 1997.
"Clocks: Machines for Measuring Time", Golden Falcon, September 1997.
"Gutenberg and Rome", Antiquarian Book Monthly, May 1997.
"Ellis Island: Gateway to America", Golden Falcon, April 1997.

"The Joy of Chocolate", Golden Falcon, December 1996.
"The Vision Splendid", The Australian Way, November 1996.
"Gutenberg Mechanises the Word and a Revolution in Learning Unfolds", Golden Falcon, October 1996.
"Welcome to America", The Australian Way, September 1996.

"Eyeglasses: Yesterday and Today", Golden Falcon, April 1995.

"The Pope's bodyguards", Our Sunday Visitor, October 10, 1993.

"Time and Victorian Prudery Fail to Declaw a Rascally Master Cat", The New York Observer, Jul 27-Aug 3, 1992.
"Eyeglasses Yesterday and Today", Wilson Library Bulletin, March 1992.
"Ellis Island", Messenger of St. Anthony, March 1992.

"Encounter with tears", The European, November 15-17, 1991.
"The Celts: The First Europeans", Wilson Library Bulletin, October 1991.
"The Celts: the first Europeans", Messenger of St. Anthony, September 1991.
"Venetian celebration of the first Europeans", The European, March 15-17, 1991.

"Libro '86: A Bibliophile's Minestrone", American Book Collector, February 1987.

"Small But Beautiful: The 1986 Book Fair", American Book Collector, December 1986.
"International Rare Book Fair in Venice", Wilson Library Bulletin, December 1986.