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Highlights of the past

Each magazine's five most recent. For earlier ones, click Highlights of the past.

Epicurean Traveler
· Historical Eateries in and Around Piazza San Marco in Venice
  Travel  (February - 2020)

· Il Maritozzo: Rome's Only Native-Son Sweet
  Food  (December - 2019)

· Bari's Newest Museum
  Travel  (December - 2019)

· The Truth About November 12's acqua alta in Venice
  Travel  (December - 2019)

· Update About Twissen's Tiramisł World Championship
  Food  (November - 2019)

German Life
· Arnold Panartz and Konrad Sweynheim: Bringing Gutenberg to Italy
  Literary  (April - 2016)

· South of the Border: Geology, Garnets and Glass
  Travel  (April - 2013)

· The "Benediktweg" In the Footsteps of Pope Benedict XVI From Baptism to Ordination
  Germany  (April - 2012)

· The Best in Basel: A Paradise for Museum Buffs
  Travel  (February - 2012)

· A Home for a Perfect Pair--Munich's Beer-and-Oktoberfest Museum
  Germany  (October - 2010)

Inside the Vatican
· "He was Sentenced to Death" so Caravaggio Escaped ...to Naples
  Exhibits  (February - 2020)

· Il Maritozzo, Rome's Only Native Sweet by Mother Martha
  Food  (February - 2020)

· Raphael and his Friends from Urbino
  Exhibits  (January - 2020)

· Prosecco: Pliny the elder's favorite Drink by Mother Martha
  Italy  (January - 2020)

· "Seacret"--Rome's Newest Restaurant, by Mother Martha
  Food  (November - 2019)

· Mummies: A Journey Into Immortality
  Exhibits  (December - 2019)

· Invisible Archeology: Beyond the Naked Eye
  Exhibits  (October - 2019)

· Egizi/Etruschi: An Exhibition in Rome Examining Egyptian Presence in Ancient Etruria, Italy
  Exhibits  (June - 2018)

· The Remarkable Discovery of Amenhotep II: An Exhibition in Milan
  Art  (December - 2017)

· "'The Egyptian Campaign': An Exhibition in Turin Celebrates the Archeological Adventures of Ernesto Schiaparelli 1903-1920"
  Exhibits  (June - 2017)

La Madia Travelfood
· Un'Impresa di successo, Scott Wiener e i suoi pizza tours di New York
  Food  (September - 2019)

· Tommaso Lacanfora, un lucano vero a Matera, al servizio di Francis Ford Coppola
  Food  (June - 2019)

· Massimo Cifarelli: il pane di Matera, un patrimonio mondiale
  Food  (May - 2019)

· Vitantonio Lombardo: il primo chef stellato Michelin a Matera
  Food  (March - 2019)

· Flynn McGarry: Il justin Bieber del Cibo, Uno Chef Prodigio a New York
  Food  (November - 2018)